Project Description


Since 35 years at, Soundtrax we working hard to develop best possible solutions for our trusted customers.

We offer you both, comprehensive installation solutions and upgrading of existing systems on every stage of the project.

We will help you choose the right equipment that will best serve the faithful visiting the temple.

Depending on the needs and specific conditions of a given church, we offer an individually constructed plan of a sound or lighting system along with its delivery, assembly , optimization and service.

We are part of projects that have won international awards for the revitalization of religious buildings.

As a competent partner, we will cooperate with architects and contractors at every stage of the project.

We provide comprehensive service, from minor repair work to comprehensive replacement of sound and lighting systems.

Our offer includes everything from basic 100v loudspeaker units to advanced integrated systems based on the latest DSP processors.

In addition to the sound system, we offer a whole range of lighting, from chandeliers to discreet floodlights, and comprehensive programmable lighting solutions, including external architectural lighting, white or, at the customer’s request, colourful. Below are photos of our installations

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